Iron Dancers for 2012

Iron and Titanium Dancer Awards

Iron Dancer

The Iron Dancer Award is given to those hardy souls that dance at 4 or more different events of the Cascade Promenade. There are multiple dances to choose from spanning from Seattle to Portland, but in order to receive the Iron Dancer Award, the dancer must attend the Portland Roadhouse dance on Sunday.

Last year's highly coveted Iron Dancer Award

The highly coveted 2014 Iron Dancer Award

Titanium Dancer

And, if you are hardy enough to attend 5 or more events (Portland Roadhouse dance plus at least four other Cascade Promenade events, there will be a special Titanium Dancer Award.

Last year's even more highly coveted Titanium Dancer Award

The even more highly coveted 2014 Titanium Dancer Award

How do I prove I did all of this?

Dance passports will be available at the Joyride contradance on Wednesday, the Lake City Contra Marathon in Seattle and at the Waltz Eclectic dance in Portland on Thursday and all of the other dances on Friday and Saturday (too numerous to list). Stamp your passport at each dance you attend, and present your completed passport at the Portland Roadhouse dance to receive acknowledgment of your worthy accomplishment!

For a complete list of eligible events and links to individual event websites please visit